A service line campaign is a cost-effective way to drive patient acquisition.

Whether your goals involve building awareness, promoting seminars/events, or generating appointments for your hospital or clinic, we can help.

Through select channels, we drive prospects to content that encourages engagement and conversion. Service line marketing campaigns are designed to encourage a visitor to take an action—typically filling out a form or calling a number. They're highly trackable, which means you'll know exactly how each component is performing and can directly tie that tactic back to revenue.

What makes us different? In addition to converting prospective patients who are ready to make a decision (bottom of the funnel), we use email automation to nurture prospects who are still in the early stages of the decision cycle.

Our results show that up to 20% of conversions come from those nurturing emails. That's a valuable segment of your audience who wouldn't have taken action otherwise. 


How it Works

The crux of a service line marketing campaign is a landing page designed to encourage a visitor to fill out a form or call a number. When someone fills out a form on the landing page, he or she enters an email automation workflow to nurture the lead. For a phone conversion, we use trackable numbers to gather data on volume and duration of calls.


Campaign Components

  • Google Search/Facebook Ads & Direct Mail (audience targeting to drive traffic)
  • Landing Page (conversion destination)
  • Downloadable Guides and Other Content
  • Call Tracking (number of calls & duration)
  • Email Automation (for confirmation and follow-up)


Real Results

Here are some recent examples of our expertise in driving results:

  • A western states health system launched an orthopedics service line campaign in September 2017. Within the first 60 days, the campaign generated 30 qualified calls and 100+ seminar requests.
  • A health system in the southeast launched a primary care campaign in December 2017. Within the first month, the campaign generated 70 conversions— including five appointments made on the first day of the campaign.

Other month one results from our campaigns:

  • Othopedics: 39 seminar registrations
  • Bariatrics/Weight Management: 24 appointment requests
  • OB/GYN: 22 qualified calls


Our hospital service line marketing campaigns are fully customized to your brand, from color choices and photography down to every word of the copy. The forms can also be customized to collect all the data you need to connect with your CRM for calculating ROI through downstream revenue.


To learn more about customizing your next campaign for your target audience, complete the form or call 423.305.7692.

It's easy to get started!

Service line campaigns can be up and running in 4-6 weeks. Need to increase volume for your key service lines? Contact us to learn more!